USA on a Budget: 20 Free and Fun Activities in Washington DC


Washington DC


If you are visiting America but need to stick to a budget there are still plenty of things you can do and places to see that won’t cost you a cent. Read on for 20 free things to do and see with family, friends or even by yourself in Washington DC:


Lincoln Memorial Circle

The 19-foot marble statue of Abraham Lincoln is a tribute to one of the greatest American leaders. This is worth more than just a fleeting glance.


United States Capitol, Washington DCUnited States Capitol

Book a place to witness a congressional session or enjoy viewing the some and glass collection. These free tours are in high demand so book your place beforehand at least 21 days earlier.


National Mall

Famous for its large number of cherry trees gifted by Tokyo in 1912, the best time for viewing the cherry blossoms is during early mornings before the crowds get in.


National Museum of American History

Known for its famous and popular chronicles including ‘Emancipation Proclamation’, ‘March of Washington’ and “Changing America’, the National Museum of American History is a must-see for every visitor.


National Art Gallery in Washington DCNational Gallery of Art

Love art? Visit the National Gallery of Art for its fabulous collection of renaissance and impressionist painters as well as popular art works like ‘Ginevra de’Benci – the only Leonardo Da Vinci painting in the US.


National Museum of the American Indian

This unique museum showcases classic relics related to the Native tribes and cultures of America. Visit the Mitsitam Cafe for its fare of fried bread and Native delicacies.


National Zoo

Take your children to visit the 163-acre zoo consisting of 400 species of animals at the Rock Creek National Park. You can also enjoy rollerblading, hiking, biking and horse riding among several other activities.


Soldiers of Vietnam Memorial part twoVietnam Veterans Memorial

This unique and aesthetically designed wall by American sculptor Maya Lin has 58,000 names of war veterans and soldiers who died in the Vietnam War.


Free Festivals to Enjoy

Washington is famous for its long list of free festivals like the Mardi Gras and the DC Craft Beer festival. There are free festivals held all year round.


Kennedy Centre Millennium Stage

If you’re interested in jazz, poetry, dance and classical music, enjoy viewing free performances every evening at 6 pm.


National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History has plenty of interesting fossils, animal and geological exhibits that attract children and adults alike.


United States Botanic Garden, Washington DCUS Botanical gardens

Located right next to the Capitol Building, the Botanical Gardens has more than 4000 species of plants and trees.


Jefferson Memorial

Stroll through this pleasantly designed memorial to America’s author of the Declaration of Independence.


National Air and Space Museum

This amazing museum is a haven for children with its numerous space and air travel machines from vintage models to Apollo II.


Saturday Children’s Mornings at National Theatre

The National theatre has special (and free) children’s theatre workshops on Saturdays. Performances include magic, puppet, dance and music shows.


Walking Tours

Take a walking tour down DC’s historically significant neighbourhoods including Barrack Row, U Street and downtown Civil Rights Heritage Street.


Library of Congress, interior of the building, DCLibrary of Congress

This amazing collection of books, art and literature includes the first edition of the Wizard of Oz as well a rare copy of the Glutenberg Bible of 1455.


Walk along the Canal Path

Take an interesting walk along the Canal Path that begins in Georgetown and runs right upto Maryland.


Biking along Mt Vernon Trail

The stunning view along the Mt Vernon Trail run alongside the Potomac River and includes famous landmarks.


National Children’s Museum

The National Children’s Museum offers innovative and interesting learning programmes for children.


There are numerous free activities to enjoy in Washington DC. Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!




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