The Five Best Restaurants in Copenhagen


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Copenhagen’s food has gone from being unexciting, sometimes called bland, to an explosion of Michelin-starred restaurants. Now known as the Scandinavian gastro-capital, the city boasts 20 Michelin Stars shared between 16 restaurants.

Ranging from eateries serving innovative menus using locally sourced ingredients, to up-market chic and slick internationally styled restaurants, there is something here to suit every palate.

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The restaurant taking pride of place is Noma, voted the world’s best restaurant in 2010 and 2011, proving that Danish cuisine came to the fore amongst food critics, and has continually evolved since then.

This two Michelin Star venue serves Nordic delicacies in a seasonal 18-course extravaganza, pairing their unique herb and apple juice, or your wine of choice, with exquisite local produce. Favourites include grilled baby corn with cured egg yolk, sea urchin and hazelnuts, and mahogany clam. The food comes from a variety of local sources, farms, beaches, forests, and the sea.

Bookings must be made at least 3 months in advance, and Noma will decide on the exact day. The online application is limited to 10 minutes before you are locked out. A confirmation email will arrive in a couple of minutes.

An understated but classy restaurant in a converted warehouse, it is located on the waterfront in Christianshavn, central Copenhagen. Email:



Specialising in Nordic food prepared in classic but innovative French cuisine, the minimalist but elegant Nordic architecture makes this a cosy, comfortable retreat, seating only 10 – 34 pax.

With no a la carte or tasting menu, their offering changes every 2 weeks and the produce is seasonal. Around 20 different dishes of the same size, including desserts, are all the same price and are all starter size, thus offering the chance to savour their delicious variety of tastes.

The meltingly delicious flavours are carefully balanced, so it is no surprise to discover that this is a Michelin-starred eatery. The presentation is exemplary and the service is of the highest standard.

Online booking is essential. Email:



Topping the list with 3 Michelin Stars, Geranium is a light and airy restaurant along classical lines. Located in the perfect serenity of Kongens Have (the King’s Garden), this is one of Denmark’s finest.

Run by the famous Rasmus Kofoed, who has won first, second and third places in Bocuse d’Or in different years, his vast experience spills over into the highest quality food, organic and biodynamic produce combining to produce gastronomic perfection.

The comprehensive wine list is made up of smaller wineries making natural and almost sulphur-free wines, resulting in superb pairings with the food. Booking is essential as the restaurant only seats 40 pax. Email:



Situated on a former vineyard, once the home of Hans Christian Anderson, and named after King Hans, this is the oldest building in Copenhagen.

Created in the basement of this historic structure, the gothic arches and wooden floors create an almost medieval ambience. The vaulted ceilings and whitewashed walls, along with the atmosphere, sublime food and a comprehensive wine list, make for an unforgettable dining experience. Classic French cuisine using fresh produce from all over the world, the chef shows respect and the utmost care for the integrity of the ingredients. Booking in advance is necessary. Email:



Literally translated, meaning eat eat, this Thai restaurant, one of the few outside Asia to be awarded a coveted Michelin Star, was the brainchild of Henrik Yde Anderson, a previous resident of Thailand.

Earning its reputation amongst the Danish locals as one of the trendiest in the city, the delicious Thai food, carefully selected wine list, and the traditional décor are definitely a winner. And of course, booking is essential. Email:







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So, next time you are in Copenhagen make a point of booking at some, if not all, of these fantastic restaurants. And experience their mouth-watering food. You won’t be sorry.

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