Destination Guide: Indonesia

    Indonesia is a sprawling archipelago (a chain of islands) with an impressive 13,000 islands covering 741 square miles. It is located between the Indian and Pacific Ocean and to the east of India. The appeal of Indonesia lies in its varied rugged mountain landscapes, popular beaches, health spas and unique native culture. Indonesians […]

7 Top Places to Eat in Hong Kong

                     ‘Food is a universal experience, our common ground’ – James Beard Planning a holiday to bustling and vibrant Hong Kong? A gourmet experience is a vital part of every vacation. Whether you love sampling the delicious local cuisine or prefer to stick with traditional western […]

Exploring Phuket’s Finest Beaches

    Once a staging post on the major trade route between India and China and a centre for tin and rubber production; the island of Phuket now uses the natural beauty of its tropical beaches as a major global tourist attraction. The island is in the far south west of Thailand in the Indian […]