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For the wanderlusters, it is time to look ahead and make exciting new travel plans as the new year arrives. Who knows, you might be waiting to ring in the new year at some distant and exotic location? The ardent tourists and travelers are already planning their holidays and certain destinations just for having that special moment and experience. Of course, we know that travel costs money. However, no need to worry as you can bridge that financial gap with the help of CashLady, where you can get easy and fast cash in your account without credit checks or cumbersome verifications!

Here are some of the leading destinations you can visit in the year ahead.

  • Namibia with otherworldly landscapes
    If you still haven’t visited Namibia, make sure that it is on your list of must-see places in 2019. Made of sparsely populated areas and otherworldly landscapes, it is indeed a unique experience to explore the Namib Desert. Explore the landscape where wildlife such as desert-adapted elephants, endangered rhinos, giraffe, onyx, and jackals roam freely among the windswept sands.
  • The incredibly scenic Maldives
    Locarted in the Indian Ocean, you will simply fall in love with the Maldives which looks beautiful. You are sure to get enthralled by the bright turquoise waters making a stunning contrast against the white sands. Stay at overwater bungalows that come with a private plunge pool. If you are looking for a calm and relaxed vacation on a great beach, head straight for the Maldives!
  • Turkey with rich historical legacy
    Turkey is a fast charting the list of the most popular tourist destinations across the world. Moreover, with the newly expanded and renovated airport, one can expect more passengers to arrive in Turkey in the coming months. There are beautiful beaches and glitzy resort spots all along the coast from where one can enjoy sweeping views of the ocean. Get immersed in the rich historical legacy and stunning scenery as you explore stunning Turkey and its spectacular areas.
  • Prague with impressive landmarks
    Prague is already well known among millions of travelers and is looked upon as one of Europe’s hidden gems. You will fall in love with the city with charming neighborhoods and inspiring architecture. What adds to its popularity is that holidaying here is very affordable and there are many free attractions.


  • Machu Picchu in Peru
    It is indeed essential to take this once-in-a-lifetime trip to the  Incan citadel in Peru. Situated high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, Machu Picchu was built in the 15th century.Now a sprawling UNESCO World Heritage site, many travelers here love to hike the Inca Trail and explore the impressive historical site.  Enjoy looking at the sophisticated dry-stone walls and the intriguing buildings that were made of huge blocks without the use of mortar.


  • Hong Kong with its glittering skyline
    Another destination that you must make for in 2019 is Hong Kong. The city attracts travelers from worldwide who come here for its family-friendly attractions, the historical sites and of course the dynamic food scene. You simply cannot have enough of this bustling metropolis and its culinary options.









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