How to Make Moving Countries Easy


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Everyone knows that relocating to a new country is difficult, basically taking the regular strain of moving to a new house and multiplying it, uprooting and taking your entire life into a new place.

Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier, and unless you’re on the run from a shady corporation bent on “silencing” you, you probably have the time to follow these simple steps to making your transition to a brand new place slightly easier on you:


5: Learn at least a few passable phrases, if you’re going to a country with a different official language. You can be reasonably sure your day can’t get much worse if you’re frantically gesturing to the airport workers and trying to explain in broken French that you have “not found the passports in the room of the building of the hotel”. Take five or ten minutes a day to do some Duolingo activities, if you don’t want to fall back on that old failsafe, Google Translate, every time you want to go shopping, or anything else that require you to expand your linguistic abilities.

4: Change your currency. As we all know, it’s much more useful to be walking around with your wallet full of actually usable money, rather than the currency of the country you no longer live in. If you’re only travelling between countries that use the same currency, you can probably skip this step, though. If not, better get to the bank and change that money!

3: Get a decent moving company. Companies like Bekins Moving Solutions or similar companies with decent reviews can be very useful when you have to move long distances to other countries. Of course, always make sure to pack well. Forgetting your phone when you go in holiday is tough, forgetting your phone when you’re going forth to a brave new world is a whole different class of difficult.

2: Out with the old, in with the new. Clear as much space as possible, you most likely don’t want to be lugging around the sizable collection of oddly-shaped rocks you’ve built up during the years across borders, onto planes and boats, or having to hire several vans to hold them all in when you’re in transit to a new life.

1: It’s not cheap to relocate. Fortunately, people such as Global Faces Direct boast frequent success with fundraising for not-for-profit organizations and companies. Employ the services of a company like that, raise the cash and do the cross-country dash. Much easier than trying to raise all your funds alone!

If you follow these basic steps and all goes well, you should be well on your way to starting your new life in your chosen country. Maybe you chose a beautiful seaside hut, or a villa in Sicily? Maybe you sprung for a bungalow in a grassy field next to a forest, or an apartment in a town. Hopefully these tips help you get sorted and ready for whatever you choose!







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