Destination Guide: Croatia


Rovigno - Rovinj, Croatia


The Republic of Croatia lies between Southeast and Central Europe. Its capital city is Zagreb and Croatian is its national language. The country’s land mass is composed of the mainland and more than 1,200 islands that lie off its Mediterranean coast. Of these islands, only 50 have human settlements and they bare evidence of Croatia’s rich history in their architecture and monuments. Following World War II, the country was part of the Second Yugoslavia. However, during the 1990s Croatia waged what is commonly known as the Croatian War of Independence and was able to secure its independence. Furthermore, it was one of the first countries to join the Union for the Mediterranean.

Kornati national park paradise archipelagoCroatia is a land that is glowing in natural splendour. From its mountainous areas to the Kornati archipelago and everything in between, this country has something for everyone. For the cultural tourist the country has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are sure to be worth your time. And let’s not forget the numerous cultural events that are held in various parts of the country at different times of the year including the Battle Dances of Moreška and Capoeira. Furthermore, if you are looking for a romantic getaway with your loved one, then arrange for the two of you to spend some quality time on a deserted island.

Rovinj, CroatiaNow that you’ve been presented with so much to see and do, the big question is where to begin the fun. Here’s a suggestion: head to the coast and hike or cycle your way through some islands. And don’t stop at that; spend some time diving or sailing and catch a glimpse of the underwater flora and fauna. And as you enjoy the Mediterranean waters, be on the lookout for Croatian cuisine and especially their grenadier marša, kajzeršmarn and honey and pepper biscuits. Once you’ve had enough of sun and sand, why not make your next destination the Dobra River where whitewater rafting and kayaking are the activities of the day. It’s however worth noting that the river’s water levels vary with the seasons. So, if you are a beginner, then summer is the best time for you while for the professional, spring will provide the difficulty levels you are looking for. Moreover, if you are still craving excitement and would like to see Croatia from above, then fly in a hot air balloon over Hrvatsko zagorje. Or better still, visit Dalmatia’s mountains and paraglide.



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