Dealing with Unexpected Strikes During Travel


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No matter how well you plan your travels, the possibility of strikes occurring can put paid to your plans. Unfortunately, although the problem is often between workers and management, it’s the travellers who bear the worst brunt of it.

What should you do if a strike threatens your travels?


Keep a close watch on national affairs and news

For example, if you plan to travel to Paris, read the news or check the internet to watch out for any signs of an impending strike. If you find trouble brewing, change your destination or airline.


Opt to explore sights at walking distance

If there happens to be a rail or taxi strike, opt to explore parks, museums or other attractions that are located within walking distance of your departure destination.


Invest in travel insurance

Travel insurance helps protect you against unexpected emergencies like delays and cancellations. If you need to alter your bookings or postpone your flights, you will be covered by your insurance policy.


Call your travel agent

If you’ve made your booking with a certified travel agent (and this is always a better option), call your travel agent to ask for his recommendations and information.


Airlines are not obliged to accommodate passengers on other airlines

It’s important to be ware that no airlines are legally obliged to accommodate you on other airlines. They will offer a refund on your ticket but the ‘Contract of Carriage’ does not bind them to anything more.


Wait for one or two days

Airline strikes usually do not continue beyond a day or two as the airline stands to lose millions of pounds. If you can, just wait it out for a couple of days and there is a strong likelihood that the strike will be over by then.


Give time for the crowds to disperse

You might want to keep in mind that whenever there is a rail/airline strike, there will be a huge backlog of passengers waiting to board the trains/planes. If you opt to wait a little, you will avoid the crowds and confusion.


Make it a point to carry a mobile phone

Carrying a cell phone can put you in constant touch with your travel agent or airline for information.


Read the small print on your ticket

If you have a refundable ticket (these are usually higher priced than non-refundable tickets), then you have the option of considering other airlines. If the ticket is non-refundable, then you may be obliged to use the credit on the same airline.


Have you had to deal with strikes during periods of travel? How did you deal with them? Share your advice in the comments.

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