An Essential Guide to Driving in Europe!


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Car dealers, Lookers, are here to provide you with some must have tips to guide you to everything essential to know about driving in Europe!

You must be prepared for getting behind the wheel in a different country, as although it may not seem any different at first thought, there are many differences you must be aware of, especially if you’re used to the familiarity of the UK.

Have you planned your routes in advance?

Unlike the UK, you’ll be unaware of which routes you’re travelling through. Why not invest in a map of Europe? Or an internet route planner? As you’ll be travelling through so many unfamiliar areas, it’s important that you plan your routes in advance. As well as ensuring that everything has been carefully thought through and planned, it will also ensure that you’ll be able to save more time on your journey.


Educate yourself on which car rental will be the best for you

An essential to check before leaving the garage, is ensuring that there is no damage to your car. This could cause problems throughout your stay in Europe, so is a necessity to check before driving away.

It is a well-known fact that some tourists have been charged extortionate amounts during their European stay. This highlights how important it is for you to shop around for the best competitive price. Another useful tip is to book your vehicle in advance, as this can reduce further costs during your holiday. Rental companies will usually decide on this when their inventory is high.

Whether it’s highlighting the vehicle you’re interested in, the times available or the end date, it’s important to read over the terms and conditions with any contract you sign off. This could prevent unnecessary charges being made later in your trip which you weren’t made aware of.


Educating yourself on traffic laws

Universal rules will usually include the use of a seatbelt, speed limits and blood alcohol levels. You should be knowledgeable about how traffic laws  can differentiate in other countries, compared to the familiarity of the UK. In continental Europe, all drivers drive on the right-hand side of the road, but in some local areas, people may drive down the centre of the road. Travel laws are also capable of differing from city to  city, therefore you must be aware of possible changes. If you educate yourself of the relevant rules, all should be fine however.


Necessary travel documents

Your driving license is an essential to bring with you during your trip, as without this, you would be unable to hire and drive the vehicle of your choice. Every country in the European Union requires your national driving license. You might have to take with you an International Driving Permit in order to actually rent a car when you’re abroad and to ultimately drive on the public highway depending on where you’re going. You’ll always be able to ask for further information from your car rental agency and they’ll likely be more than happy to explain what you need when travelling.

This was our guide on how to survive driving across Europe, where is your next destination? Wherever it is, we hope you greatly enjoy and hope our guide has helped you!





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