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No matter where you’re traveling to or what mode of transportation you are taking it’s important to have travel outfits that are comfortable, functional and fashionable.  You also need outfitter versatile because you will likely be engaging in a significant number of activities. And if you intend to buy new outfits for your trip it’s important to find quality, inexpensive items so you don’t waste your trip money on clothes. Here are some here are some functional and fashionable outfit ideas that you can easily buy at a discount.

  • Jersey dresses with a wraps and sandals

This look is the epitome of casual chic and is comfortable enough to wear on a long plane ride. In addition, not only is it easy to find quality Jersey dresses for $20 or less there are a number of stores that feature buy one get one 50% off sales on Jersey dresses.  This way, if you’re going on a long trip you can wear this outfit idea multiple times. Be sure to buy different colors and styles so you can tweak this outfit ideas and look different every time.

  • Short sleeved button ups with cargo shorts and canvas sneakers

This look is perfect for warm climate locations. Be sure to pair this outfit with simple jewelry for a stylish and minimalist look. The best part is that it is easy to find this outfit for $100 or less.

  • Loose fit tees with joggers and sneakers
  • Maxi dresses in wedges

This is a style that transitions well from day to night.  Therefore, if you have a number of evening activities in your itinerary this is definitely a must bring outfit idea. Maxi dresses come in multiple styles and colors, and it’s easy to find a quality option for $29.99 or less

  • Relax fit jeans and a long sleeved tee
  • A romper with ballet flats
  • Legging with and oversized shirt and ankle boots

This trendy yet comfortable outfit option is an excellent choice if you have an event to go to while on your trip. Be it an art gallery opening or a concert you’ll be sure to make heads turn. Once again, this outfit is easy to find at $100 or less.


Now that you know some affordable travel outfit options, be sure to pick these up before your next trip. And to find all these styles and much more visit Groupon’s page for  rue21 coupons.




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