7 Top Places to Eat in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Victoria Harbor at Night


                 ‘Food is a universal experience, our common ground’ – James Beard

Planning a holiday to bustling and vibrant Hong Kong? A gourmet experience is a vital part of every vacation.

Whether you love sampling the delicious local cuisine or prefer to stick with traditional western food, Hong Kong has it all. Read on to find out the top 7 places to eat and drink in Hong Kong:



Cosily nestled on Tai Ping Shan in the Sheung Wan neighbourhood, the Teakha is a small tea shop that is famous for its lip-smacking green tea cheesecake and pineapple scones. The area is full of quaint art and design shops and it’s a perfect place for watching the world go by.


Tim Ho Wan

This Michelin starred restaurant offers gourmet Cantonese without being overly priced. Located in the IFC Mall in the city centre, Tim Ho Wan is affectionately known as Timmy’s by locals. The restaurant is popular for its delicious dim sum, pork balls and vegetable-stuffed tofu.


Yah Ho Teen

Interested in fine dining? Visit Yah Ho Teen located in the InterContinental for succulently cooked duck flavoured with grapes and pears. The restaurant has a stunning view of Hong Kong harbour and is tastefully decorated in oriental style.


The Lobby Lounge

Looking to relax with a glass of champagne? The Lobby Lounge in the InterContinental Hotel is fully glass encased and offers a 360 degrees view of Hong Kong Island. The place is perfect for an aperitif or an after-dinner liqueur.


Yardbird for Japanese Cuisine

The Yardbird serves some of the best Yakitori (Japanese skewered chicken) in Hong Kong. It’s also recommended for Shino (a mix of fresh lemon, black sugar and gin) and Shochu (traditional Japanese hard drinks distilled from vegetables and grain (and a plate of appetizing sweet corn tempura.


Sing Kee, Open-air Seafood Stall

This reasonably priced, open-air, seafood stall offers some of the best seafood in Hong Kong. Customers love the grilled grouper, baby bok and wok seared squid. Other favourite items include pickled soybean and prawns cooked with chilli peppers.



A hip, happening eating spot, the Chachawan serves spicy Thai food including garlic based Gai Yung chicken, papaya salad (called Dtum Malakor) and fiery sea brass served with a green chilli sauce. Desserts include house made lemongrass ice-cream.


Hong Kong boasts a variety of excellent food outlets to tickle your palate. Do you have any recommendations to add to the list? Share them with us in the comments below!




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