5 Simple Tips to Help Plan your Dream Holiday


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          ‘There are no foreign lands; it’s only the traveller who is foreign’ – RL Stevenson

Travelling is one of the sublime pleasures of life. Travelling exposes us to the myriad cultures, traditions and attractions of the beautiful world that we live in. It’s also a great way to unwind, release stress and leave behind a tedious, humdrum routine.

The following tips will help you to plan your perfect dream holiday.

How do you plan a dream holiday?


Set a budget for your trip

If you want to plan a dream holiday, it’s a good idea to begin saving for it in well in advance. Once you calculate your budget, you can begin to compare destinations that fall within your budget.


What kind of holiday would interest you?

Are you travelling with children? Or would you like a peaceful, private getaway by yourself or with your partner? Are you interested in a destination that boasts rich history and culture? Is an adventure trip replete with hikes, diving and snorkelling up your alley?

Decide on your priority based on your personal inclination.


Always verify weather before you travel

For example, certain exotic Caribbean destinations are vulnerable to hurricanes. Choose a good time to travel when the weather is to your liking: Not too hot and not too cold.


Use the services of travel experts

It’s a good idea to hire the services of a good travel agent because:

a. You can get cheaper deals. Travel agents tend to be privy to cheaper rates due to their turnover and you can get more value for your travel budget.

b. Travel agents use their experience and knowledge to help you maximise your enjoyment. They will tell you all the attractions of the destination including that out of the way diving lodge or cosy pub.

c. You can rely on them for help if anything goes wrong or if you have to rearrange your flights or hotel bookings. You enjoy peace of mind knowing that someone is looking after your welfare.

Tip: Remember to get all rates and bookings in writing. No verbal assurances!


Early bookings get you the best deals

Airlines, hotels as well as cruises always favour travellers who book early. The earlier you book, the better the deals you are likely to get. Planning ahead is a wonderful way of saving money on your trip.

With an investment of time and effort, you can plan a dream holiday of your choice.



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