15 Top Travel Tips Everyone Should Know


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Love travelling and already planning your next trip? Whether this is your first trip or you happen to be a seasoned traveller, here are 15 travel tips that will help make your trip pleasant and enjoyable.


1. Always carry a copy of your passport

Passports are lost or misplaced much more often than we realise. Always remember to carry a copy of your passport in your bag and preferably store one electronic version in your email account.


2. Keep a note of your passport details

Keep your passport details written down in a diary rather than having to take out your passport every time you need to fill in arrival/departure forms.


3. Never travel without health insurance

Anyone may fall sick during travel. In fact the change in climate and food renders us susceptible to health issues. Make sure you invest in travel/health insurance. Getting medical treatment even for small complaints can prove to be very expensive in some countries.


4. Register with the UK embassy

Make it a point to register with the UK embassy/high commission in your destination country. This will make it easier for them to contact you in the event of an emergency. In addition, this adds to your security as the embassy is aware of your whereabouts. This is especially relevant to those countries where security may be a problem.


5. Check to see that your credit or debit cards will work

Make sure you check with your card provider to ensure your card will work in your destination country. For example, Europe has almost entirely switched over to the chip-and-pin model and the older magnetic stripes based cards no longer work there, so make sure you know your PIN too!

Tip: Always carry local cash. You may find that you cannot use your credit cards for travel in buses or trains or small shops especially in developing countries.


6. Take care of your money conversion before you set off

If you wish to change your currency to the local currency, it’s a good idea to do it in the city rather than the airport. The conversion rates at airports tend to be unfavourable and you often end up losing money in the transactions.


7. Remember to pack an adaptor or multi-plug

The voltage ratings and plug points tend to be different in various countries. There’s nothing worse than discovering that you cannot use your electric shaving razor or your iPod.


8. Follow these travel tips for your mobile phones

Activate global capability on your mobile phone. If you don’t, you may get charged roaming rates which are usually exorbitant (this is because the UK mobile network has to pay a foreign network to direct calls to your phone)

Ask your mobile provider if:

–          You can use your mobile phone in the destination country at all

–          You can a handset from your provider

–          You need a new access code to connect with your voice mail


9. Carry small packets of snacks/crisps/biscuits

It’s best to carry a small store of snacks or biscuits to tide you over until you find the ideal store/supermarket/restaurant of your choice.


10. Remember the following for driving abroad

Here are some useful tips regrading driving abroad:

ü  A valid UK driving license can be used all over Europe

ü  You may need to upgrade your car insurance cover or invest in a temporary cover

ü  If you plan to travel outside the EU, you may need to procure an International Driving Permit (IDP)


11. Remember to… um… go before you go!

Always try and use restrooms before boarding a flight as far as possible. It’s often challenging to get to the restrooms onboard with in-flight attendants blocking the aisles with their trolleys.


12. Always let someone know where you are and where you are going

Inform a friend/relative/neighbour about where you plan to go and when you plan to return. This adds to safety and security as a trusted one is aware of your whereabouts


13. Make the most of the freebies

Pack the complimentary eye-shades and ear plugs that you are provided with on flights. They can come in very useful in helping you get a good night’s sleep at your accommodation.


14. If you don’ t like the rumpled look…

…carry a compact, handy travel iron especially if you plan to travel in Europe. European hotels often don’t provide irons in rooms and you often end up ruining a white shirt with an old, rusty iron!


15. Pack smartly

Roll rather than fold clothes to prevent wrinkling. You can also place plastic bags between clothes to minimise creasing.


Following simple but useful travel tips can make your trip fun, smooth and hassle-free. What tips would you add to the list?




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