The Five Best Restaurants in Copenhagen

copenhagen colored buildings on its river on a blue sky background

    Copenhagen’s food has gone from being unexciting, sometimes called bland, to an explosion of Michelin-starred restaurants. Now known as the Scandinavian gastro-capital, the city boasts 20 Michelin Stars shared between 16 restaurants. Ranging from eateries serving innovative menus using locally sourced ingredients, to up-market chic and slick internationally styled restaurants, there is something here to suit […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Rome

Colosseum, Rome - Italy

      Rome is one of the most iconic cities in the world. It’s full to bursting with ancient ruins, priceless artefacts, treasures from far off lands taken as spoils of war thousands of years ago, and the modern wonders of life have made it a thriving cosmopolitan city at the same time. With […]

Europe on a Budget: 20 Free Activities to do in Amsterdam

Night scene at a canal in Amsterdam

      There are plenty of ways to save money on travelling. Holidaying in Amsterdam need not burn a hole in your pocket. Here are 20 interesting activities to do for free:   Sandeman’s New Amsterdam Tours Love going on walking tours to explore a city? Take the free, three-hour, tip-only basis tours that […]

7 Top Places to Eat in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Victoria Harbor at Night

                     ‘Food is a universal experience, our common ground’ – James Beard Planning a holiday to bustling and vibrant Hong Kong? A gourmet experience is a vital part of every vacation. Whether you love sampling the delicious local cuisine or prefer to stick with traditional western […]